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Q8pro Purifying Fan

2023/11/28 15:29:53


①Q8pro Bladeless Purifier Fan is developed with the Germany Bio purify technology which can supply negative oxygen ions to purify Formaldehyde, Benzene,VOC and Keeps away from flu and mold.It also collexts and amplifys the air and provide the constant airflow.

②It produces an uninterrupted stream of smooth air with no unpleasant buffering. Distributes evenly a natural air flow leaving a fresh indoor breeze.

③With no blades or grille, they're safe and easy to clean. Extra safe near children. Keeps their hands secure from injuries due to its blade free style.

④Highly Beneficial for allergy sufferers with this no dust accumulation. It will create stronger wind but it will still make feel comfortable even use the long period time while general fan causes uncomfortableness and headache.


Working voltage: 100-120V Frequency: 50/60 hz

Power: 35W

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