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Ocean Loong began production of bladeless fans in 2013 relying on strong production and R&D support in Shenzhen City.
Ocean Loong deeply cooperate with the German Bio Company to develop the newest of Negative Oxygen Ions Air Purifying Fan by using the Bio Oxygen Ionizer. It was tested and proved by Guangzhou Institute Respiratory Disease Medicine Co., Ltd. and  Guangzhou CAS Test Tech. Services Co., Ltd. that Air Purifying Fan can inactivate COVID-19,Influenza A(H1N1),SARS, Escherichia coli, Aspergillus niger, Staphylococcus aureus and many other Molds. It also can purify Smoking, Formaldehyde,Benzene,VOC and other volatile and toxic gases.
Bladeless Fan can collext and amplify the steady 3D airflow to form the Mild Nature Wind.With no blades or grille, theyre safe and easy to clean. Extra safe near children and pets. Keeps their hands secure from injuries due to its blade free style.It will create stronger wind but it will still make feel comfortable even use the long period time while general fan causes uncomfortableness and headache.Highly Beneficial for allergy sufferers with this no dust accumulation.
Our products are certificated by CCC, FCC, CE and PSE.
Take it home, bring you health !